Why Those Who Do Your Cyber-Risk Assessment Need to Be an Indpendent Third Party

Why Those Who Do Your Cyber-Risk Assessment Need to Be an Independent Third Party

When someone comes to ask your company what you’re doing about cyber-security, you want to be able to give the appropriate answer; the answer people want to hear. Saying that your systems have been assessed by an independent third party doesn’t just have a nice ring to it. Actually, it sounds good because it is good. Though you may have plenty of skilled IT professionals in your office that can check your system’s security, anyone who’s getting paid by you and your company is automatically biased. Therefore, taking your assessment outside the office will give you more to brag about to your customers and any audits who might come knocking at your door.

But, all that aside, there are many more important reasons than bragging to hire the services of an independent third party. For one, a conflict of interest or an assessment done by your own employees just won’t serve as well if you do have a data breach. If it comes to an investigation, having a cyber-risk assessment done by an independent third party will protect you much more than the former.

Additionally, an independent third party won’t have any reservations about telling you if there are vulnerabilities in your system. It’s their job to make sure your systems are secure and to provide you proof showing them you worked with their services to achieve that. They’ll be upfront with you about any risks your system is showing and work with you to repair them. They will also advise you on how to maintain your cyber-security and how often you should have assessments done. When it comes to protecting your network, there really is no other option than going with an assessment from an independent third party.

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