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Keep The Filing Cabinet Organized with Your Cyber-Security Paper Trail

Just like how you would keep a receipt handy on a big purchase you’ve made or documents associated with buying your first car or house, you’ll want to do the same for your company’s cyber-security paper trail. After you get your cyber risk assessment, there may be a lot of different documents involved. One of these documents will be proof of your assessment, but others will help to support you in case of a data breach, or just to show potential auditors. Like with anything you do in your business, all these documents should be kept in a safe spot, like a filing cabinet, organized and ready to go if a situation presents itself.

While it’s great that going with an independent third party can save you a lot of time and costs, the only way it can be completely successful is if you do your part as well. You’re responsible for organizing everything they’re giving you and keeping it in a place you have easy access to. That way, if someone asks you to prove you’ve had an assessment done in order to increase awareness of your risk, you can show it instantaneously.

Getting consistent cyber-security assessments is important for maintaining the security of your network and the integrity of your company. But, if you can’t prove you’ve had it done, it’s not really of much use. Auditors, customers, and anyone else that could be involved in the case of a data breach require that paper as proof. So, if you’re making the right choice about your cyber-security, make sure you do the same for organizing documents associated with that choice.

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