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Communication and Reputation Go Hand in Hand When It Comes to Cyber-Security

Every company should take the proper measures to be sure their customer’s data is protected. If you are collecting any type of sensitive information from your customers, you want them to trust you with that information. Additionally, your customers will already have certain expectations of your company when it comes to cyber-security.

These days, people are well-aware of the types of data breaches that have made headlines, and they definitely don’t want to be part of that statistic. So, sharing with them how you’re taking pro-active measures to be cyber-secure doesn’t need to be a secret. In fact, it will help your reputation.

Informing your clients that you have taken the right measures for your cyber-security, such as a cybersecurity risk assessment, will give them peace of mind and yet another reason to do business with your amazing company. Whether you choose to inform them on your website’s home page, through an e-mail, or right before they make a purchase, it doesn’t really matter. As long as your clients know, you’ll be in good shape.

If a data breach does happen, sending out those emails to inform your clients of the news won’t be so much of a shocker or a disappointment. They’ll know already that you’ve taken the actions necessary to keep their information as secure as possible. Therefore, your reputation will take less of a hit as your clients won’t be left wondering if your company is careless about this kind of thing. Instead, they’ll be more willing to accept that you tried your best, and they’ll appreciate the open communication.

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