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After a Data Breach, A CEO Should Only Point Fingers at Him or Herself

A data breach can happen to anyone, and in this day in age, even the smallest of businesses are huge targets. Companies may find all different reasons to justify why they don’t need to check the security of their systems. But, at the end of the day, it’s the CEO who decides if cyber-security is worth it in the budget. And, guess what? It always is.

After a data breach occurs, a lot of things will happen. Ultimately, there will be an investigation, to show whether or not your company was negligent in its security measures. If it’s found that you were, there’s no use blaming the IT guy, the budget, or the communications person. No matter what, the responsibility will fall on your lap as the CEO. You will be held accountable, and any costs associated with fines or cleaning up chaos will be at your expense. The only person you can point fingers at then, is no one else but yourself.

But, there’s a way to make sure you’re protected in case of a data breach. All you need to do is have a cyber risk assessment done on your systems. This assessment will check to see if there are any holes in your system so that they can be patched up. Afterwards, you’ll need to have consistent assessments to ensure your security is up to date.

As a CEO, you always need to do what you can to protect your clients and your employees. Don’t you want to make the right choice for your company?

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