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Agile Solutions for Everybody!

A long, long time ago, when The Internet Design Firm existed (Scott Smeester’s 1990s startup), consulting firms used to get into LONG and BIG contracts, for HUGE amounts of work. They used to generate big ‘ol requirements, and create phases in the project to make sure there was no scope creep! Changes?! Pfftt!

In 2002, Mr. Peter Provost, now of the Microsoft Corporation, paradigm shifted me into 2016, which is why I’m here now. He told me that the way we were doing it was bass ackwards. He said we should be doing smaller projects, with shorter timespans between deliverables, with the ability of the client to make changes (oh, God!). No more huge commitments! He told us this was the “Agile Development Process” and it was meant to keep software developers and clients from butting heads.

So that’s how we do business now, with our clients and with our vendors. It allows us (all) to iterate. It allows us to succeed in more projects.

** The picture of the two college guys is merely coincidental. That is not me and Peter Provost, but those types of things did happen in the vicinity of Peter. Those two cats are SO party’n! Courtesy of Sun International South Africa.