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Network Assessments

Smeester & Associates firmly believes that to be effective, in both immediate and long-term results, assessments should encourage and incorporate active dialogue between the client’s stakeholders, IT department and Smeester & Associates’ team.

Assessments are crucial in determining the effectiveness of an organizations' current security, and in judging whether correct remediation has taken place after an incident.

Smeester & Associates’ network assessments scan an entire IT environment to identify potential risks and security threats, determine which devices are residing in a given network, and more. Our tools are non-invasive and requires no agent or software installation, and scans can be conducted in a matter of minutes.

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Our assessments generate a series of reports that can be used by IT decision makers for total understanding of the current status of existing systems. The types of assessments we offer are:

The Basic Risk Assessment presents you with a summary of your overall risk score based on your scan, along with charts to show problem areas. Each problem area represents an opportunity for you to improve your security posture. The purpose of this report is to aid you in having the right conversations about the specific risk areas found, what they mean, and how you can get help.

Our scan will pull out literally hundreds of pages of end-user network activity and configuration data. The Premium Risk Assessment Report includes every detail, presented in line-item fashion. The report is organized by section with a table of contents to help you locate the specific findings of interest, and problem areas are conveniently highlighted in red, making it easy to spot individual problems to be rectified.

The Full Security Assessment contains a complete set of security reports focusing on network and user-related security risks, and is designed to help you control and manage your risk. The assessment reveals which users have access to certain systems, and which systems are configured with various permissions. It also includes a powerful integrated external vulnerability scan.

The HIPAA Assessment is the first purpose-built IT tool to combine the automated collection of network data with information gathered through observations, photographs and surveys. It’s also the only software with a built-in HIPAA risk assessment engine that automatically generates a complete set of the official documents that comprise a comprehensive HIPAA IT assessment including: HIPAA Policy and Procedures, HIPAA Risk Analysis, HIPAA Management Plan, Evidence of HIPAA Compliance and all associated supporting documentation. A mountain of reports at the push of a button, saving you untold days, or even weeks, worth of production work.

The PCI Compliance Assessment combines the automatic collection of network and computer data with custom-generated worksheets to provide PCI assessment, remediation and compliance services. Data from the various scans and worksheets are then all automatically analyzed and seamlessly integrated into a set of PCI reports.


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