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Fractional CIO/CTO Old

Today's competitive market requires organizations of all sizes to adapt quickly to a changing environment, the technological aspect is critical as technology can help reduce operational and production costs and make efficient use of resources.

Hiring a fractional CIO or a CTO is actually virtualizing the role by applying the most efficient resource to a high cost business need (fractional CIO/CTO is sometime referred to as virtual CIO/CTO).

What a Smeester fractional CIO provides?

  • Creation and oversight of the technological policies for the organization
  • Selection of the right technologies to answer business needs
  • Creation and oversight of technological standards
  • Supervision of IT activities
  • Alignment of IT performance with organization's objectives
  • Creation and oversight of the technological direction for the company
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships

A fractional CIO, also known as a Virtual CIO, vCIO, Interim CIO, Part-Time CIO, or CIO on-demand is an experienced, multi-faceted professional who serves as the part-time chief information officer (CIO) of a small or medium-sized business that otherwise could not afford or would not need a full time executive to hold the position of chief information officer. The key business benefit of retaining a fractional CIO is that they provide the same expertise and capability of a full-time CIO without the associated level of overhead and benefits associated with adding another top level executive.

Fractional CIOs typically serve several companies and may-or-may-not engage in the day-to-day management of a company's IT staff or other resources.

The following are the expected responsibilities from a Smeester CIO/CTO

  • Define, update, and implement IT strategy
  • Control performance objectives and overall IT budget
  • Acquire software/hardware
  • Select, manage, and control IT providers
  • Manage outsourced services
  • Plan and manage strategic IT initiatives
  • Manage IT applications portfolio