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The CIO Hobbyist

Written for C-Suite executives, The CIO Hobbyist is a somewhat-weekly opinion article written from a Chief Information Officer's (CIO) perspective.

About Scott Smeester

Scott Smeester protects and improves people’s lives and livelihood so that they work boldly, rest easily, and maximize every opportunity.

Scott focuses specifically on helping C-Suite Executives thrive toward profitability despite the
threat of susceptible technology.

With 25+ years of web-based application development, a degree in civil engineering, and two
decades of experience running his own business, Scott has the creativity of a developer, an
engineer’s love of infrastructure, and the pragmatic “owner’s focus” on strategy and R.O.I. His
unique combination of experience and training makes him an ideal partner to translate
between the executive suite and the IT group, to find technology solutions to business
problems, and to navigate the realms of digital transformation.