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Cyber Risk Assessment... The Best Risk Minimizer You Can Get

(Better Than Cyber Insurance)

The Simple and Painless Way to Get an Independent Cyber Risk Assessment

An easy, non-invasive scan done by your own IT person is sent to us and we create a cyber risk report for you. One of our cyber risk experts will then explain any problems you might have and how to fix them!

Having regular network scans and reports done by an independent third party is a surefire way to make sure your IT person is doing what they need to do. It is also a great way to make sure you don't look negligent in the event of a disaster.

"It could be your last chance to protect yourself before a data breach."

"I had no idea my IT guy was that far behind... and it wasn't his fault. My IT guy actually needed this assessment to show ME how much I wasn't listening to him."


You need a cyber risk assessment if...

You don't want to be the next small business CEO to be brought down because of a cyber attack and
you have no proof whatsoever of maintaining a reasonable level of knowledge of your IT vulnerabilities.

  • If you're a small business CEO or president, you're the easy target and the threat is real. 55% of small business have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months.
  • Hackers aren't just targeting the big guys. More and more, small business are the victims of cyberattacks. 60% of cyberattacks target the small business.
  • In the aftermath of these attacks, disruptions to operations cost an average of $955,429!
  • As a result, 60% of cyberattacks ruin their victims within 6 months.

Don't Be Blind to Your Risk! Let An Independent Third Party Find the Problems and Help You!

Getting a cyber assessment is an easy and painless process and will give you everything you need to manage your IT risks.

#1 Cyber Risk Assessment 

Detailed network security activity and configuration data without agents or installs.

Client Risk Summary Report

Without having to sift through a ton of non-relevant information, you get a quick glimpse of your risk and exposure.

Complete Asset Details

In an easy to view format, you can see the status of all your assets and use it to fix problems or plan for growth.

Quick Turnaround

The assessment scan is simple and fast and we will return and review the report with you as quickly as the following day.

Proof Against Negligence

Having executive level cyber risk assessments from time to time proves you aren't being negligent.

Third Party Validation

Getting an independent third party is the best way to validate claims of best practices.

Expert Personal Review

A cyber risk expert will review the results with you and help you understand what you need to do next.

Non-Intrusive Scan

There are no agents and no installs, so our cyber risk assessment scan is completely non-invasive. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can buy with complete confidence, we back our risk assessments with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Extremely Helpful with Valuable Information

"The assessment reports are extremely helpful and have a lot of valuable information (well worth the investment), but the scan and data gathering was painless. They never talked over our heads, answered our questions thoroughly and always kept us in the loop."

Dennis Whyte, Managing Director

Get started on your CYBER RISK ASSESSMENT now!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How will I use the information?

How long does it take?

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