The Dirty Dozen: What every Disaster Recovery Plan must have in place.

Last week, I wrote “Disaster Recovery is about the information or technology systems that support business functions. It is a component of Business Continuity (BC), which plans to keep all aspects of business functioning during disruptive events.” We also learned together the critical need for DR. But what really needs to be in the plan? […]

Cyber Insurance Should Be Part of Your Safety Net

When it comes to taking out insurance for anything, it can be a controversial issue. Many people tend to wonder why they should get insurance when the chances of something happening are slim, or they feel as though the insurance wouldn’t really help them out much if something did happen. This isn’t any different for […]

The New Priorities for IT Outsourcing [CHART]

The IT services market is changing rapidly as technology continues to play an instrumental role in everyday business operations. This has caused small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to outsource many of their IT needs in order to cut costs and gain access to expertise they wouldn’t otherwise have. Instead of spending their time and budget […]

Questions to Ask About Me If I’m a Professional Consultant

Do you know somebody who knows me? Are we “linked” somehow? Here’s what I think you should generally ask that person: Does he know his stuff? Can he solve problems? Does he listen? Does he ask good questions? How long has he been doing it? Is he “sharp”? Is he effective? Is he resourceful? Does he […]