Outside Eyes™ Security Workshop

Review what’s important to you in terms of security, receive recommendations on how to best maximize time and investments, and get an optional vulnerability scan.

Review your security concerns, assess your current security posture, and receive smart recommendations tailored to your organization

Smeester’s Security Workshop will:

Assess Your Current Security Posture

Hackers, viruses, disgruntled employees, social engineers, and more – our Security Workshop will gauge your level of vulnerability to these types of threats and others. We’ll review your existing security measures and/or compliance requirements to determine your unique risk factors; since business risk extends beyond the IT department, your biggest threat could befrom porous work processes, or even employees that are untrained in basic security measures like avoiding phishing emails.

Identify Unknown Vulnerabilities

Along with document and policy review, we offer an optional Vulnerability Scan and/or Firewall Consultation that will discover unknown vulnerabilities like poor or nonexistent monitoring, weak firewall rules, system misconfigurations, etc.

Recommend Corrective Actions

Tailored to your organization, our recommendations will address and prioritize your security concerns, requirements, and goals. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tech configurations
  • Security policy
  • Outside Eyes™ Security Workshop | Smeester & AssociatesCompliance requirements
  • Outside Eyes™ Security Workshop | Smeester & AssociatesResource optimization
Prepare Your Organization For The Future

The path to better security starts with an assessment of your existing security landscape. Smeester’s no-obligation Security Workshop will provide you an Executive Summary complete with documentation and actionable recommendations – so you can take the first step toward a more confident and secure business future.