Outside Eyes™ Disaster Recovery Workshop

Expect the unexpected and create a roadmap to recovery following a disaster or disruption

Smeester's Disaster Recovery Workshop offers:

Validation and Sound Preparation

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for an expert opinion on your existing plan, our Disaster Recovery specialists can help – your Workshop can concentrate on establishing your organizational recovery requirements,or focus on further developing and perfecting your plan. We’ll work with your staff to:

  • Identify technical and business process gaps
  • Define stakeholders, recovery teams, and processes/functionalities necessary for operation
  • Highlight missed expectations from a data loss and recovery time perspective
  • Assessment Services - Disaster Recovery Workshop | Smeester & Associates
    Address compliance with regulatory agencies and industry standards
Customized Recommendations

In today’s vendor marketplace, the cookie-cutter/checkbox approach to Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) can lend to unintended oversight. Smeester specializes in delivering flexible solutions, so your DR Workshop recommendations won’t force your business into a mold designed for somebody else’s company.

A Blueprint for Business Resilience

As technology integration grows tighter and more sophisticated, so do security risks. Smeester’s DR Workshop will help you plan for almost any kind of disruption, so your organization can be dynamic, responsive, and recoverable after disaster strikes.

Outside Eyes™ Risk Management Workshop
This C-level discussion focuses on business impact analysis, crisis communications and management, DR, security, process management, and risk mitigation strategies.
Outside Eyes™ Security Workshop
Review what's important to you in terms of security, receive recommendations on how to best maximize time and investments, and get an optional vulnerability scan.
Outside Eyes™ Network Health and Infrastructure Checkup
Determine everyday performance levels, define areas of under- and over-utilization, identify performance issues sources, establish network redundancy best practices, and determine network support for voice and video traffic.
Outside Eyes™ Cloud Readiness Workshop
Identify capabilities that can be moved to the Cloud, determine the level of service availability needed, understand security, privacy, and compliance requirements, and discuss the various cloud solutions that fit your needs.