Outside Eyes™ Cloud Readiness Workshop - Smeester & Associates - Denver, Colorado USA

Outside Eyes™ Cloud Readiness Workshop

Discover the information you need to operate seamlessly and securely in the Cloud

Smeester's Cloud Readiness Workshop will:

Appraise Your Current Environment and Plans

Cloud capabilities and adoption are on the rise, but you may be asking...

  • What workloads or applications should I migrate to and/or use in the cloud?
  • How can I maintain security, backup, and disaster recovery services and standards with my Cloud provider?
  • What are the potential cost concerns with the Cloud?

Smeester’s Cloud Workshop can answer these questions and more, depending on your area of focus. We’ll review your current technology landscape against your business and financial goals and determine the necessary next steps and timelines for success in the Cloud – public, private, or a combination of the two.

Outline Next Steps

A Cloud Workshop provides customized recommendations that will help validate your current plan or highlight problem areas and offers a list of action items to successfully implement your unique solution. Depending on the concentration of your Cloud Workshop, our Cloud experts can:

  • Identify IT capabilities that can be moved to the Cloud or a related managed service
  • Determine the required level of service availability and possible delivery methods
  • Address security, privacy, and compliance requirements and other roadblocks to the Cloud
  • Outside Eyes™ Cloud Readiness Workshop | Smeester & Associates
    Review cost savings opportunities in your Cloud
Focus on Customization and Flexibility

Cloud computing can offer relief from the complexities of modern IT, but a one size-fits-all service package rarely reaps the advertised benefits. Instead, start with an in-depth understanding of your present situation to help you make the right business and financial decisions for your organization’s unique Cloud.

Outside Eyes™ Risk Management Workshop
This C-level discussion focuses on business impact analysis, crisis communications and management, DR, security, process management, and risk mitigation strategies.
Outside Eyes™ Disaster Recovery Workshop
On-site testing, analysis, documentation of results, and recommendations on how to keep your DR plan functional, compliant, and affordable.
Outside Eyes™ Security Workshop
Review what's important to you in terms of security, receive recommendations on how to best maximize time and investments, and get an optional vulnerability scan.
Outside Eyes™ Network Health and Infrastructure Checkup
Determine everyday performance levels, define areas of under- and over-utilization, identify performance issues sources, establish network redundancy best practices, and determine network support for voice and video traffic.
Request an Assessment/Workshop


Depending on your availability and requirements, we can develop a timeline that works for all.

Onsite workshops may be conducted at your location.

Recommended Attendees Titles
If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations.

Timeline at a Glance
Pre-Workshop: Scheduling kickoff call, establishing priorities
Kick-Off Call: Introductions, agenda, expectations
Workshop: Conducted onsite (accepting remote assessments)
Final Review: Smeester provides Executive Summary including recommendations & action items