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One Habit That Undermines Leadership Credibility

Do you know the one mistake leaders habitually make that undermines their leadership credibility more than any other?

Leaders who answer before listening are saboteurs.

  • Reputation
  • Team’s unity
  • Own growth and development

The commitment to ask questions and to seek out answers sets a leader apart. Your influence is rooted in the ability to question, inquire and probe.

Questions are a leader’s best friend. They turn conflict into conversation; they turn muddied thinking into clear direction.

Questions allow another to discover that they have answers. Questions inspire the art of discernment.

The best leaders, those who communicate depth, strength and integrity are those who question their own objectives, reasons and purpose.

1.   Substantial questions lead to lives of substance.

The old adage holds true, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Leaders need to ask questions themselves big questions that help them to rise above small living.

2.   Dialed in questions result in innovation.

Specific, targeted questions allow leaders to know exactly what they are thinking about, and conversely, to expand their creativity in solutions.

3.   Audit-based questions clarify values and true convictions.

Are you really investing time, energy, ability and money into what you say matters most to you?

4.   Right questions lead to right answers.

We are surrounded by people asking questions we don’t need to entertain. Leaders are not hot to adopt the latest trends.

Leaders embrace what will truly serve their identity, capacity and destiny.

Four Types of Questions

1.   Personal

Someone said, “An empty glass won’t refresh anyone.” We give best out of our strength. What are you doing to strengthen yourself in body, mind and emotion?

2.   Relational

Who am I developing? Who am I invested in, and who must be investing in me? Am I digressing into manipulation or driven by motivation?

3.   Vocational

Am I doing the right work with people I love in the place I belong? Am I burning out or challenging myself? Do I move up or move on?

4.   Missional

How am I giving myself to a cause larger than myself? When my life is done, have I given my all to people and opportunities that live on and carry legacy?

Leaders are paid to know. We understand that.

But the best leaders realize that every day they are judged more by the questions they ask than the answers they give.

Questions will build your reputation, your relational unity and your personal and professional development.

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