Are You a Small Business with Big Clients? Your Cyber Security Better Measure Up

If you work in the distribution/manufacturing industry, then it’s likely a lot of your clients are pretty big names. They need your services to help them run their businesses, which could very well be large, powerful companies. Therefore, these clients will have very high expectations of your company’s security and expect certain standards when you […]

Here’s a Secret: How To Save on Your Cyber Insurance Premium

For company leaders that are already investing in cyber security, you don’t need a reminder of why it’s so important. You’re probably well aware of the seriousness and frequencies of data breaches these days, and you, therefore, want to make sure you’re protected at all costs. But, for those who still haven’t taken that budget […]

What You Should Learn From The Yahoo! Data Breach

Last year, Yahoo! reported two major data breaches which were the largest data breaches the world had ever seen. The first breach occurred in 2014 and reportedly compromised more than 500 million accounts. The second breach Yahoo! reported, which happened back in 2013, compromised more than one billion user accounts. While data breaches can happen to […]

Is Human Error the Biggest Risk to Company Data?

We all make mistakes. I mean, we’re only human after all. But did you know that according to CompTIA’s Trends in Information Security study, human error actually accounts for 52 percent of security and data breaches? Yikes, looks like being human can be a big cause for concern when it comes to any business’s data […]

The Strict Penalties for Violating HIPAA Laws That You Want To Avoid

If you work in the healthcare industry, then you already know how important it is to follow HIPAA regulations. Many companies who are serious about maintaining their adherence invest in a third-party expert to help them make sure their systems are HIPAA compliant. But, as we very well know, there are also many companies who […]