Here’s Why HIPAA Doesn’t Work Without Cyber-Compliance

Medical offices of any kind already have a lot to be concerned with. Every day, these people are doing what they can to help others; sometimes, in a life or death situation. So, it’s understandable that your office may not have the time to worry about cyber security and hackers. After all, you’re way too […]

How To Talk To IT About The Need For a Cyber Security Intervention

You’re a small business who realizes the importance of cyber security. You want to do what you can to make sure you’re protected¬†and prevent potential problems from happening later on. You already have an IT team, but you’re aware that IT and the need for cyber security are very different things. But, does your IT […]

How The Key Federal Regulations of Cyber Security Keep You Safe

Part of being safe on the Internet involves both consumers and companies to follow certain standards to ensure data protection. Of course, it’s not enough for people to be expected to do that on their own. This is why key federal regulations of cyber security exist; to implement processes and standards to make sure everyone’s […]

Watch Out for These Common Social Media Cyber Scams

Social media is one of the most important things that companies use to drive their business. It’s an amazing way to get more connected to people, have constant communication with customers, and easily implement your inbound marketing campaigns. However, with every good thing, there’s usually a downside. And, the downside to utilizing social media too […]