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Unbiased Assessments: The Evidence You Need for Cyber Compliance Audits

Cyber security is important for everyone, whether you run a multi-million dollar company or you’re just a regular individual who occasionally buys things online. That being said, there are some companies that need to take cyber security more seriously than others, because they are required to deal with cyber compliance. If these companies don’t comply, they can have serious problems down the road that can cause chaos and even irreversible damage for themselves and their customers.

If you work in one of these industries and you require cyber compliance, it’s imperative that you have the evidence you need for when a cyber compliance audit comes knocking at your door.

Does Your Industry Need To Be Cyber Compliant?

If you fall into this category, you probably already know you do. But, just to be sure, companies that need to deal with cyber compliance on a regular basis include medical and dental practices with HIPAA laws, retail companies or other companies that need to follow PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, as well as legal offices, etc.

If you ever collect private or sensitive data from your customers, whether it be social security numbers or your client’s intellectual propery, then guess what? You need to make sure you’re cyber compliant.

Start Taking the Necessary Steps

So, you know who you are. Great. Now it’s time to learn more about yourself and whether or not your company is at risk of a cyber breach. But, where to start? You could be an expert at running your business, but cyber security may not be something you’re exactly familiar with. You need a professional that can help.

Hiring an unbiased third party that can teach you about your company’s exposure and whether or not you have any holes in your network is the first step. Why do we say “unbiased?” Because you don’t want someone who is personally invested in the company to create a conflict of interest. Whether that conflict of interest is due to work related reasons or financial reasons, you wouldn’t want that to play a factor in having your compliance check done correctly.

Furthermore, learning about your exposure is the first step in taking serious cyber security precautions, to try and prevent a dangerous hack from impacting you and your customers. Because, as we all know, any cyber breach can cause huge costs for a company.

If a hack ever does happen, at least you’ll have proof that you took the steps necessary to make sure your company was cyber compliant. Believe it or not, that can help you a lot in the long run. Now, you’ll be prepared when those cyber compliance audits start rolling in.

You Decide To Hire a Professional. Here’s What To Expect

After you’ve made the decision to hire a professional for your cyber compliance, here’s what you can expect to happen next. First, they will see where there are some inconsistencies or problems in your network. They’ll patch up any current IT problems, then they’ll do another assessment to make sure the work we did was effective.

First, they will see whether or not there are inconsistencies or problems in your network. If there are problems, they’ll patch them up, and then do another assessment to make sure the work done was effective.

Afterwards, you’ll be issued a very important document. This is your solid piece of evidence proving your company has taken all the necessary steps for cyber compliance. It shows you’ve gone through professionals and everything checks out. As far as everyone is concerned, (including the auditor) there are no present risks.

This document is something that’s so important to have in your industry, not only for peace of mind for you and the customers that trust you, but to keep your back covered at all times.

The team that issued you this document should then continue to stay in touch and conduct a semi-annual or quarterly assessment to make sure you’re still compliant. Their job is to regulate that compliance. Therefore, if something comes up, they can fix it again and make sure you’re still following standards.

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose!

Why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself?

At the end of the day, there’s no arguing when it comes to your company being cyber compliant. If you fail to be compliant and a breach occurs, guess who will be at fault? Do yourself a favor. Do what you need to to look out for the best interest of your company and your customers.

Also, you never know when an auditor might come and ask for that necessary document!

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