Are You Running Enough Security Assessments? You Will Be After This

Whether you think so or not, all the data your company possesses is sensitive information that needs to be protected. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a multi-billion dollar company. A data breach of any kind can cause seriously problems.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your company’s data more secure by taking preventative measures. One of these measures involves running security assessments every quarter. If you’re not doing this already, then you’re making a mistake. Here’s why.

 There Are Too Many Ways for a Network to Be Compromised

There isn’t just one way for a security breach to happen in your company’s network. Nowadays, companies are way more at risk than ever before. Viruses can come from all kinds of places and people, and they often go unnoticed or are untraceable. They can come in the form of emails, trojans, worms, malware, “command and control” and others. It’s really not possible for one company to try and stay on top of every potential risk. That’s why you need to run security assessments often.

Constant Security Protects Your Business

If your company’s network and data gets damaged, that’s one thing. But, these are not the only reasons why a company should be frequently running security checks. There are also business reasons. It’s important to monitor employee activity, to make sure no one is exposing the company to risks. It’s also important to make sure your system isn’t being slowed down by bandwidth abuse, or that pirated software isn’t being downloaded.

Firewalls and Other Tools Alone Simply Aren’t Enough

Yes, most computers come with tools that help block off these risks, but it’s just not enough. Why? Because every tool you use, even if it’s extremely reliable, needs to be constantly monitored. Once one problem is attacked, it’s likely another will appear very soon. A security check up every quarter helps to make sure everything is working properly, regardless of the specific tools you’re using. 

The Assessments We Do Are Always Detailed

We get it. Even if you run security assessments as often as you’re supposed to, all that mumbo jumbo can be rather confusing for companies who don’t have the resources to understand it. Luckily, the assessments we provide are extremely detailed. They provide reports on security risk, security policy, share permission, outbound security, and external vulnerabilities. If that’s overwhelming for you, don’t be alarmed. We’re here to help you analyze all of this.

Running Security Assessments Helps Your Business Run Smoothly

Dealing with a security breach after it’s already happened can cause major losses for your company. By preparing your company to take on risks before they come, you’ll be helping yourself out tremendously. Running security assessments frequently, prevents any surprises from happening. You’ll be able to catch things as they come, and significantly minimize the chances of those losses from happening.

The Risk of Not Doing It Costs More Than Doing It

One of the biggest reasons companies don’t invest more in cybersecurity is because they just don’t think it’s necessary. This may because they don’t feel like they have much at stake to lose, or they feel their money should go elsewhere. Other companies see it as something they’ll deal if and when it happens.

But, we say, why take the risk? Running security assessments every so often will save you a lot of money in the long run. Here at Smeester & Associates, we offer recommendations and services to make your data more secure, at a price that’s affordable. The rate we offer is not even comparable to what you’d pay if you had a breach that could have otherwise been caught beforehand.

Don’t take any risks. Your company’s data needs to be protected. Run a security specific assessment every quarter, and take on those red flags before they hit you.