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Creating effective and appealing
Internet assets since 1995.

Scott Smeester


  • Development

    For those special projects that requires special programming. ASP.Net, PHP, and all the other acronyms.

  • Deployment

    Can include DNS maintenance, domain administration, hosting account management, and more. You know, the stuff behind the scenes.

  • Marketing

    SEO. Email. Social media.  What should you use and how should you use it?

  • Outsourcing

    I find, engage and manage talent for your special projects or marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Passionate Enough to Write About

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Recent Interview Questions I Answered

Here's some questions I answered for a digital agency. They're…
Steve Faulkner

Developing websites and doing IT consulting is not unique. However, what Scott does for me is ask the right questions to help me determine what I need for my business. He makes sure I’m using the right technology in the right way to help my company become more efficient.

Steve FaulknerPrincipal - The Spencer James Group, Inc.
Tom Gray

I had the pleasure to work with Scott at The Internet Design Firm. I was impressed with his ability to step into our client’s shoes, gain a clear understanding of their business opportunity and provide solutions that met and more often exceeded the objectives of our customers. I also appreciated Scott’s evangelical enthusiasm for the business of business. I take great pleasure in recommending him.

Tom GrayCEO - LobbyLink, Inc.
Bill Young

Scott is outstanding – unique combination of technical skills with leadership. He just gets it and can explain the complex in simple terms. He listens to understand rather then tell to inform.

Bill YoungBoard of Directors - Talus Healthcare Exchange
Jonathan Senger

I have had the pleasure of knowing Scott for the past 8 years. As an insightful and motivated businessman, Scott is also an experienced, self motivated and innovative entrepreneur. He is a fantastic person to work with and I strongly endorse him.

Jonathan SengerManaging Director - LCMS of Lewan and Associates